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A Tribute to Holly Horton

The untimely death of Holly Horton in 2000 saddened our hearts. She was a very spirited person who enjoyed life and enriched those she touched with unselfish commitment. Holly was instrumental in bringing Hicksville High School (HHS) together again just prior to a mega reunion, organized by Anton Mure and Rich Delia, that was attended by a wide variety of alumni on September 22nd, 2000.

Holly authored a mailing list that she put onto a website. Her sometimes daily updates of names and addresses were eagerly anticipated by the growing list of alumni. Her emails were augmented by a collage of tidbits and trivia, a result of feedback from others. She put up special photographs that we all enjoyed and that effort united a wide bracket of HHS students. She did this because she wanted to give back special moments to others by providing a source that could be accessed by all of us.

The only thing missing from that reunion was Holly herself who looked forward, with obvious anticipation, at the prospect of seeing some old friends and sharing remembrances of times past. It was several days prior to the reunion when an uncontrollable asthma attack ended her life; a tragedy in itself for a person who battled this malady all her life just to survive.

A fitting way to pay respect to Holly was to continue what she started. That challenge was accepted by Pat Koziuk Driscoll (Class of 1956) and Linda Piccerelli Hayden (Class of 1960). They did this out of respect for Holly but also because they see the enjoyment others realize from their effort. It's a way to introduce coming events; such as reunions for various classes. It's an avenue for contacting friends and sharing information that we all treasure. We have the capacity to put up pictures, at various web sites, for all of us to enjoy. In other words, the newsletter is a perfect vehicle for keeping people apprised of "what's happening!"

I want to personally say 'THANKS" to Pat and Linda for all that you do for me and for the alumni of Hicksville High School .

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