Hicksville Sears Store

Closing in April of 2018

Just heard the Sears Store in Hicksville will close in the spring. This was my first real job in the 70’s and I met some great people while working there.
Maureen Yorke 1977

Heard that last year, the year before and the one before that.
Robert Francis 1979

I heard they just signed a new 3 yr lease. Not sure they are going anywhere just yet.

Liz Hearon

lisa pappa
Really?? How do you know they will close in the Spring?
Lisa Papocchia Masseria East Meadow 1984


January 4, 2018

The Sears department store in Hicksville will close in early April, and its owner is seeking permission to transform the site into a new complex of nearly 600 apartments, retail stores and 5 acres of green space.

Sears included the Hicksville store and auto center on a list of store closings posted on its website Thursday. The auto center is expected to close by late January, the list shows.
A Sears spokesman said the majority of jobs at the store are part-time, and that workers will receive severance and will be able to apply for jobs at other Sears and Kmart stores. He said the number of jobs affected by the closure is “not available.”
rendering of proposed development at sears
A rendering shows a proposed development in Hicksville at the site of a Sears department store, which is scheduled to close in April.

thomas cheryl graduation  thomas cheryl facebook
A 600 Apartment Complex??? Really? What are they going to do about the traffic? You can't pass the Mall now!
Cheryl Thomas 1973

endsley mike graduation
I thought it had closed already. Yeah.....can you say TRAFFIC ?
Mike Endsley 1972

thomas annamay thomas annamay facebook
I have no idea about the pending traffic dilemma. I do know there are some civic meetings about it in Hicksville. It’s just sad.
Annamay Thomas Adams 1975  (shown above with Rich holding buzz left and Annamay holding Marty)

mastrosanti linda graduation  mastrosanti linda aragoncillo facebook now
It's getting like Manhattan, so much traffic...but progress is in process. I’m going to miss Sears a lot and it's been there so long. Our family moved here from Brooklyn in the 50's. Who remembers the Sears Catalog we used to get in the mail??? SEARS WILL BE MISSED by many people.
Linda Mastrosanti Aragoncillo 1961

kat ann

My first job was at the key kiosk in 1980. Then in the credit department.
Kat Ann

geiger ruth graduation
My father who opened that store was in the cast of characters called new employees. Started working in the paint department and then went to sporting goods.
Ruth Geiger 1971

harrison elizabeth graduation  harrison bette facebook
Worked in the catalog dept. when they opened in ‘64... Then managed fabrics and notions for a few years. Fond memories!!! Loved the candy counter.

Bette Harrison Germain 1964


Do you remember Fred Geiger from sporting goods?



I think I do but, at this age, I’m lucky I remember my name. There were a bunch of us around the same age from Hicksville that worked there.


rodecker jim graduation
Worked there changing tires and installing air conditioning in cars at a rate of $2.00 per hour!!
Jim Rodecker 1966


casale robert graduation  1 bob casale 2011 reunion 200
My second job was at Newberrys at $1.00 per hour. First job was at the Sunrise Supermarket at the West Village Green at .90 cents an hour. During the 1960-1961 period, I worked at Cross Island Oil Terminal.
Robert Casale 1961


I worked there in the 80s. Many good friends and  I met my future wife there. It will be strange when it’s gone.
John Genzale


relling mary
Got all my concert tickets there at Ticketron in the basement.
Mary Relling Jager 1979


regateiro kim sharp
My first job to, worked there in the 80’s. Remember throwing cabbage patch dolls into the crowd, LOL!

Kim Regateiro Heis 1983


fischer debbie graduation  fischer debbie facebook 3
Ticketron and the coffee shop. And paying my car insurance at the Allstate desk. Sad it’s leaving.

Debbie Fischer Dowdell 1973

Sears also just closed at our local mall here in Greeley, Colorado. I think that they've lost their niche in the world of Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls, and the other big box stores. But sad, nonetheless.
Bruce Hoppe

So sad! The one thing I will always remember is the mural by the stairs of Long Island and Walt Whitman. Is that being salvaged?
Michelle Piscitelli-McCann

Deb Di Turi Dini
Has anybody attempted to get the Long Island Mural in the stairway? Such an iconic LI memory. I'm no longer in the area to look into it.
Deb Di Turi Dini

vitiello christine
I worked in the credit Central in the early ‘80’s there! The office was downstairs behind catalog! Really good people!!!!
Christine Vitiello Madigan

I worked for Sears Hicksville from 1971 to 1987. Then went on with a wonderful career with Sears until 2003. Sears was a great company because of all the wonderful people.
Donna Bragg


gardner tina graduation  kwiatkowski tina
They had a great cafeteria.

Tina Kwiatkowski 1969

kramer linda facebook
I learned to drive on Sundays in the parking lot in my parents 1959 Cadillac with the big fins.

Linda Kramer Keane

kaplan jeannie  kaplan jeannie facebook
Used to go there with my mom all the time growing up & learned to drive in their parking lot before stores were opened on Sundays.

Jeannie Kaplan Toplin 1969

capper joanne graduation capper joanna facebook
You and I both can't tell you how many times my dad made me drive around the building before he'd allow me on the road. Over and over. until he thought I was ready to drive on the street. Then we had to go to Suffolk county to practice... You couldn't drive in Nassau County with a learner's permit if you weren't taking Driver's Ed. Plus I wasn't old enough. I graduated from Hicksville High when I was Sweet 16.

Joanna Capper Osterman 1975

I learned to drive there, too, when I first got a learners permit. I had a Craftsman outboard on a small boat I used to take fishing in the sound and I used to get most of my fishing tackle there too unless I bought it at Herman's, also long gone.

Ed Smith

dunn theresa dunn theresa facebook
We all learned to drive at Sears’s parking lot. Sears was closed on Sunday back in the day like all stores!
Theresa Dunn 1974


snyder diane graduation   snyder diane facebook 3
I worked there when i was in 12 th grade ..I would walk from Hicksville high school to sears in the afternoon......Until I got my first car of course, a used Dodge Dart !!
Diane Snyder Gould 1964


  kirwan lorraine graduation   kirwan lorraine & Bob Cheeseman
Worked at Food Fair, bought my prom dress at Lerners on the first Lay-away because I could only afford a couple dollars a week.

Lorraine Kirwan 1964   (shown above with Husband BrigGen Bob Cheeseman)


hellrigel thomas graduation  hellrigel thomas facebook
Watched many a fireworks there.

Thomas Hellrigel 1970

johnston maryanne  johnston maryanne wedding johnston maryanne restaurant
             Maryanne         …marriage in 1970 to Jim Dolan    Jim & Maryanne

johnston maryanne and husband  johnston maryanne husband and grandkids   johnston maryanne long island sound

         Maryanne & Jim                     Jim & Marianne                      Jim & Marianne

                                                  Grandkids Brian & Makayla

My first job at age 16 was at Sears. Many memories. It was my first introduction into the adult workplace even though I was still in high school. So cool that many of us share the Sears junior department work experience. Sears was a first rate store for everything back in the 60's and 70's everything from fashion to paint, tires, furniture, appliances. So sad to see the decline and now failure. Sears Hicksville was a real standout among Sears stores nationwide. They even had the Allstate booth to buy insurance. The slogan back then was "Sears has Everything"

Maryann Johnson Dolan 1967
Editor Note…
Maryann…I'm doing an article for HixNews about Sears closing in April. I saw a note from Maryann Dolan on Facebook. I'm asking if that note was from you?? Please advise. Thanks 

Buffalo Bob Casale

A note from Maryann… Bob…Yes that was me Maryann Dolan (Maryann Johnston HHS class of 67). I, along with my sisters
johnston kitty
Kathleen Johnston (aka Kitty) HHS Class of 1969 and baby sister Nancy Johnston Holy Trinity Class of 1969, all worked part- time at Sears during our High School/College years.

My Sears employment had a significant impact on my entire life. I started in the Junior Department, beginning my JR year at HHS and continued as I went on to college. During my first year of college in the Spring 1968, I went out after work on a Friday night with a group of Sears friends/co-workers to the Wayside,one of my Sears friends ran into her cousin Jim Dolan (HHS Class 1966), as the night continued the group met up with more HHS grads on college break. We all had a great time connecting with everyone. Jim and I became friends that night and a week later had our first date to the Roosevelt Raceway! We had never known each other before that night even though we both went to Hicksville High School. We continued dating through that summer and in 1969 became engaged. We married in 1970, and still together. The young Sears workers had a lot of fun after work and were always up to arranging after work parties. The parties became so popular many non-Sears people would even show up. The Highway Tavern, the Tigers Tale were some of the night spots the Sears group would go to.

Sears gave many young people an opportunity for employment and professional development. I actually became a buyer in Sears Corporate office in NYC after college it was my first post- college job. I was able to transfer to Sears Commercial/Government Contract division in Anchorage, Alaska when I joined my husband Jim during his service in the US Army Fort Richardson, Alaska. We did return to New York and I was later able to use my Sears experience towards my 30 career as an business administrator at Stony Brook University. 

So without a doubt my first job at Sears Hicksville had a significant impact on my personal and professional life
A note from the Buff…Thanks for the great reply. I would ask permission to use your response in the February issue of HixNews? Are you familiar with the Hicksville High Newsletter? We have an active list of 2,000 that are on the Google master mailing list.

I did not see your name. What a great story. 

I spent 9 years in the navy and was ready to reenlist. My wife, Joyce, said if I had orders to Kami Seya, Japan, she would not leave me and go home. She hated the military.

Anyhow, I was stationed in Sonoma, California as a navy instructor. I was due for transfer and they sent me orders to go to Adak, Alaska. So much for harmony with the wife. I decided to get out to save my marriage. We wound up divorcing and remained good friends for the sake of our children.


We would climb the snow banks there before Sears was built. Amazing…we walked there by ourselves without our folks (we lived by Willet Ave School).
Deborah Morse Ackley, Holy Trinity High School 1972


endres karyn graduation  endres karyn facebook with daughter
1st customer with my Mom at the Grand Opening. 1st job. Great place to walk through on the way to Mid Island Plaza. Warm up in the Winter. Cool off in the Summer

Karyn Endres MacDonald 1973 (shown above with daughter)

gutekunst christine  gutekunst christine facebook
My first real job when I graduated in 1976. Worked there for almost 11 years.
Christine Gutekunst Finn 1976


  lafferty scott graduation   carter donna graduation donna carter
Me too, what department?

Donna Carter Lafferty & Scott Lafferty 1977


Receiving, then the office, then we were put with accounting. I was Christine Gutekunst then.


sardi annette sardi annette facebook
My first real job was there in the infant department. Met my husband there.
Annette Sardi Whidden 1979


teitel david graduation teiteldavid facebook
I remember when they built it back around '64 or '65. At the time, it was touted as the world's largest Sears store. Coincidentally, I was just in that store last week, and I live in Manhattan.
David Teitel 1968


I purchased a Craftsman lawnmower there. That mower lasted 24 yrs. In the end, the motor was fine; it was the body that rusted out. Two things that come to mind; online sales by Amazon and others are eating all department store's lunches. Plus, the land these buildings are on is worth much more than the net revenue they are generating.
Kevin McCarthy, Holy Trinity High School 1971


schillinger beverly  Beverly Schillinger Slater
Christmas season 1973 I clerked in the men's dept for $1.95/hr minimum wage. I used to say I was in men's underwear.

Beverly Schillinger Slater 1974

art schwartz young  art schwartz

Sad. However, that store hasn't done well for many years and is a dinosaur. The Sear's company in general hasn't exactly kept up with changing times and the competition. Personally, I remember when that Hicksville store was first being built. Sounds like the repurposing of the store's site and property will be interesting.

Artie Schwartz